The Significance of WordPress Support and Maintenance for Your Business

By November 16, 2015WordPress Support
WordPress Support and Maintenance for Your Business

Every couple of months, WordPress rolls out updates and changes for their system. These upgrades bring new features and improvement to your WordPress Dashboard as well as improve its overall performance. The most critical updates and upgrades are patched onto themes, plugins and the core platform so that your website runs like a well oiled machine.
While updating the platform is a piece of cake, sometimes you will come across problems that may make the website go down completely or you may encounter major errors because of a plugins clash. While these problems are easy to identify and fix with a trained eye, it can leave an average website owner pulling their hair out over what is wrong. Having a dedicated team for WordPress support and maintenance is paramount for any type of business, because we now live in an age where no website can afford downtime. Tasks that a typical WordPress support and maintenance team can perform include some of the following. Note that these are simple broad headings; we’ll discuss them at length as well:

  • Updating and upgrading the core platform as well as third-party plugins.
  • Fixing broken links.
  • Making a secure backup of the content on your website, including images and videos.
  • Performance monitoring and diagnostics.
  • Cleaning out spam content, links and comments.

Backing up WordPress

Unfortunately, the fact of the matter is that no website is 100% safe from an unexpected server crash or an attack. What you can do is take the necessary measures to prevent it as best you can. This means making a backup of all the content you’ve got on your website. This includes everything from text items such as blogs, articles, newsletters, and page content, to images, videos, user data, profiles, comments and more. The most reliable solution is Amazon S3 Storage. Daily backup is a guarantee to keep your website safe.

Over time you accumulate a lot of things on your hosting and every detail is important for your business. Having a secure backup, if your main site were to go down, would enable your loyal visitors to still see your site like it never happened. Doing so would require a way to back everything up in real-time, so that when the website does get attacked or goes down, you still have all your data saved and backed-up, so nothing seems out of place.

WordPress Support and Maintenance

As the pioneer of content management systems, WordPress is constantly and consistently being improved on and evolving gradually. Everyone likes to design their website with unique features, such as specific themes and a particular set of plugins that are critical to their website and business needs. Our support can help you with one off issues and fixes but our regular maintenance can help benefit your website in an ongoing way so that you get improved features, security and increased speeds.

Tasks Performed in Maintenance

Apart from the core WordPress platform, the plugins mainly used by website owners are created by third-party developers in the WordPress community. The moment your WordPress is updated, it’s the duty of developers to keep the plugins they’ve created up to date. So, as a word of advice, before installing a plugin, first check its reviews and when that plugin was last updated to find out how active the developer is. After installation, remember to regularly update the plugin along with your core WordPress platform.

Maintenance of your WordPress website also consists of checking the backup activity along with optimization of your website’s database. This involves crosschecking the links on your pages and posts that are either dead or broken and fixing them. Broken or dead links can be dangerous if your website’s sources get injected with a virus.

Other maintenance tasks include fixing bugs and known security issues. It also involves upgrades that improve various features of your website pages, posts and video systems.

Security of your Website

Securing your website from external forces should be among your top priorities. If your website truly provides a valuable service to your clients and customers, then you’ve probably racked up some hack-value. Protect yourself by keeping your website up to date with the latest security protocols and plugins.

The aim is to secure and tighten WordPress security and user access, all the while maintaining user-friendliness and staying up to date with latest software. It also includes restricting the common access points used by bots and hackers to gain admission.

Content Publishing

For most people, adding new content and having it show on the page exactly the way they want can be a frustrating experience. But maybe you don’t have time to make custom tweaks yourself and if you are the type that prefers to have a guy for everything, then perhaps an agency can help you with that. They can aid you in improving as well as simplifying the whole process so you can feel more at ease when doing them yourself.

The Significance of Professional Help with Support and Maintenance

One of the main reasons for contracting or hiring a support team for your WordPress website is to avert any and all conceivable security breaches and close any possible loopholes. The precise point when updates are introduced, your website is vulnerable against assaults by hackers. A wp support company can closely monitor your website’s activity and ensures security. Another important aspect is reliably backing-up your website on a regular basis.

As of 2013, over 70% of WordPress websites had numerous vulnerabilities to hackers. You don’t need to be a part of that crowd, as once your site gets hacked, you will lose any and all data with a massive drop on your search engine rankings. If a rogue programmer installs a malicious code into your website, it’s goodbye to your original ranking on Google and instead you find your site being used to support and publicise spam websites.

Choosing the Ideal Support and Maintenance Agency for WordPress?

If you value your business, then you will value your website as it’s your main gateway to the world marketplace. When selecting a support company, the first thing you need to do is browse through several agencies and opt for the one that you think best understands the work you want from them and the significance of WordPress maintenance. Secondly, you are expected to run your website for the foreseeable future; you should look for accountability, professionalism, and timely delivery. Furthermore, what you should be looking for is to build a long-term relationship with your support team and this is a privilege a professional wp support company must earn.

Your website is a representation of your business and brand. If you need a reliable WordPress support, you should get in touch with Stylemix Support. As a web-development group with over 14 years of experience, Stylemix specializes in WordPress sites, and has worked with over 1500 successful projects.