WP Management Software Compared

By July 8, 2016WordPress Tools
wordpress management software

Managing your WordPress site or sites, can be made easier and more convenient when you have the right software and plugins on your side. While those who have only one or two websites to manage might be able to muddle through without any additional management support, those who have more sites will get lost without the right software.
Even when you are managing five sites, you will find that wordpress plugins like this, can make the job much easier to handle. Below, we will be looking at some of the top pieces of wordpress management software available, to see what they have to offer and if it might be something that will work well for your needs.

CMS Commander

This is easily one of the top options available, as it comes with a host of excellent features that you will need to make the job of handling your sites easier. The plugin will allow you to manage your posts and your pages, and you can use it for bulk posting.

You can also change your themes with a single click, edit WordPress settings, update your plugins and update WordPress with a click, edit pages and posts in bulk, install plugins and themes in bulk across all of your sites, manage comments and user accounts, create user accounts, schedule and save automatic backups, and more.
It offers secure SSL encryption, uptime monitoring, 2-factor authentication, Google Analytics integration, plugin branding, sub-users, and premium support. The current pricing for this option is $12 per month, or $120 per year.


This product is a bit cheaper, as it comes to $69 per year currently. It also has a number of features that come with the basic program, and there are some add-ons available as well, which aren’t available in their basic version.

The plugin allows you to manage posts and pages, and it has one click updates for themes, admin login, WordPress and plugin updates, and bulk plugin and theme installation. Bulk posting, managing comments, managing user accounts, automatic schedules backups, Dropbox backups, uptime monitoring, website cloning, and some other features are only available in the paid version.

While this is a cheaper alternative to the CMS Commander plugin, the feature set is not quite as robust. Be sure to compare and contrast all of the features they have available for all of the options to make sure you are getting the one that’s right for you.


ManageWP is the costliest of the three mentioned in this article, but is the most well known. It currently costs $21 a month, or $210 per year. It has a large number of features, as do the other plugins here, and you might find that the premium version of this software is just what you need to get a better handle on your WordPress websites. Let’s see what it has to offer.

Some of the main features are the same ones you will find with the other options in the article. It provides you with the ability to easily manage posts and pages, bulk posts, one-click themes, plugin updates, WordPress updates, and admin login. You can edit posts and pages in bulk, install themes, manage comments, user accounts, configure automatic updates, go into maintenance mode, save backups, monitor uptime, have secure SSL encryption, and more. One of the notable differences between this option and CMS Commander is the fact that ManageWP does not offer the ability to edit the WordPress settings.

Take the time to find the plugin that will provide you with the management tools you need to make handling all of your websites much easier or you can get it all taken care of while you get on with more important tasks, by signing up for our maintenance and support plans which offers all these features plus a whole lot more, including developer time. See our support pricing here.