WordPress Customer Service Options

By March 16, 2016WordPress Support
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One of the keys to WordPress’ success has been its user-friendly design. From picking out your site’s themes to installing plugins to adding content, WordPress has made it simple for just about anyone to have their own, unique website. However, this doesn’t mean you won’t ever run into the need for customer service. If you ever require a little help, here are your main options for getting it.

Contact the Staff

Your first instinct is probably to just contact their customer support staff. WordPress calls these people Happiness Engineers because their main goal is to keep you happy. Post your question through the Contact Support form and a Happiness Engineer will reply with an answer. While they’re publicly visible, only you and WP staff can respond to them. This keeps the information open to anyone who needs the same kind of help, but keeps the discussions from going off the rails.
For those of you who are paying customers, you can also ask your question privately. In that case, you’ll get your own thread that only you and WP staff can see.
While WP strives to answer questions within 24 hours, that’s not always going to be the case. Just know that submitting a duplicate request isn’t going to help. For the best results, make sure your questions include:

  • Your URL
  • The URL of any specific pages, images, etc. you’re having trouble with
  • A detailed description of the issue and what, if anything, you have already tried to resolve it
  • Your username and the email address associated with the account
  • A screenshot of the problem if relevant

You wouldn’t want this kind of secure information in the public domain so it is best to pay for private assistance.
This isn’t the only option you have available for getting help, though.

The WordPress Forums

You can also check out the WordPress forums. There, you will find both WP staff and veteran users. If you have a premium theme for your site, you’ll want to check out the Premium Theme forums too.
There are a couple of advantages with using the WP forum. For one thing, you might get a quicker answer to your problem. You’ll want to be sure to include all the details we mentioned above, but considering people are on those forums 24/7, it might be the quickest route to take.
The other great thing about the forums is that a lot of those veterans are going to have tips and tricks you and even the WP staff members may never have thought of. This is definitely going to be true where premium themes are concerned, but you’d be surprised at the type of solutions available from users who started out just like you.

The WP Support Site

There’s also a lot of great information on the WordPress Support site. If you’re dealing with an emergency, this probably isn’t ideal. On the other hand, if you’re having a hard time even understanding your own issue or simply want to figure out how something works, there’s a great education waiting for you here. You could also go to the upper right-hand corner of your WP site and click the “Help” link.
Every now and then, in rare circumstances, the WP team may call a user, but this is almost always in regards to expiring domains so those are courtesy calls, not done for traditional support purposes. Keep in mind that there is no wordpress customer service phone service to call and get wordpress backup just when you need it. So if you want a quick response to your wordpress problem, then using online chat with an experienced wp support team member will be a useful way to go. Simply sign up for a one off fix or customisation and they can talk you through most common troubles like css issues, formatting errors or other things like white screens or other wordpress problems while you are there on screen one to one. If it will take a more in-depth investigation, then just make sure to file your ticket and it will be escalated to a senior developer for resolution.