WordPress 4.5 Update

By April 27, 2016WordPress Support
Wordpress 4.5 Update

Jazz it up with Coleman – the new WordPress 4.5 Update

Honestly, what better way to jazz up a website or blog than to install the latest update in WordPress, the Coleman update (or WordPress 4.5) is named after the smooth jazz saxophone stylings of Coleman Hawkins, and the update is going to improve your workflow in several ways.

Writing your site or blog has often been a struggle to maintain the balance between the actual writing and the formatting of the content. With the new editing improvements in the Coleman update, you can do quick inline linking that is accomplished just by highlighting the text. This opens a dialogue below and you can link to somewhere else in your site or any other URL in just a few seconds.

Formatting Finesse

The introduction of formatting shortcuts keeps you typing instead of struggling with formatting.  For instance you can enclose any text to turn it into coded text such as lists and headings. If you divide text with lines, simply type three dashes to create a horizontal line.  Editing the look of the site has been streamlined as well. One of the most convenient is the “live responsive previews” feature, which is a great customization improvement.

Responsive preview eliminates the need to open your site on a mobile device in order to be sure the updates have applied in a way you desire. Instead, just click the icon in the WordPress frame and you get a quick view of the site in whatever format you chose.
You can preview the site on different sized screens, preventing the old-fashioned and out of date approach that demands you actually use those devices to see that the changes are as you need.

The update also enables themes to support logos. Whether you are using WordPress for business, or for blogging, you can improve the appearance of each page or home page with your customized logo. Using the Site Identity customizer, you can test out the look of the logo with just a few quick clicks.

You can also generate images in half the time thanks to the “Smart Image Resizing” function built into the update. The Embed Templates have been improved by splitting them into parts that are capable of being overridden by the themes. What this accomplishes is simple – it makes anything embedded easier to customize.

The update also has a “Selective Refresh” that will make many users absolutely delighted. In the past, our framework for live previewing changes meant that the Customizer sent the preview via a refresh. This meant that the entire preview would reload, which resulted in a very slow turnaround and nothing at all like a “live” refresh.
The new Selective Refresh supports the framework, but renders parts of the preview without also the laborious process of rewriting all of the PHP code in JavaScript. There are Script Loader Improvements and JavaScript Library Updates. For example, you can add javascript inline with the new “wp_add_inline_script” function.

Streamline Workflow

The new features of the Coleman update to WordPress make it easier than ever to design a site in the standard customizer view. You will login easier, edit text and images like never before, and find everything going smoothly – like the silky tones of Coleman Hawkins music!

In the past, keeping your WP version up to date was essential for wordpress security, but now you will also enjoy a tremendous improvement in your overall experience of WordPress usage and site management. Whether you want to customize a page with your logo or you prefer to have rapid-fire previews of your changes in real time, the WordPress designers have made using this platform easier than ever.

Are you worried about the update breaking themes or plugins? Perhaps you have a custom plugin or theme and the developer or designer is not around any more? In our very popular wp support service we have seen a rise in Live Composer and WordPress Update clashes because the user has not updated both parts, but just updated their WordPress.  Seems simple to fix for the trained expert but if you worry about updates and whether they will crash things on your blog it might be a good idea to sign up for our comprehensive backup, maintenance and support service for WordPress sites. You can find out more on the wp support plan pricing page.