What You Need to Consider Before Choosing a Web Host

By December 28, 2015Hosting
Web Hosting

Choosing a quality web hosting company is one of the toughest decisions. It becomes really difficult to pick a credible, fast, reliable and secured web hosting company especially for those who are new to online industry. It is essential to have a quality web hosting company for your website’s success to avoid any hosting problems such as frequent downtime, insufficient disk space and limited bandwidth and many others.

There are tons of hosting companies, ranging from small local hosting companies to global monstrous hosting companies like GoDaddy, HostGator and DreamHost. Knowing that makes your decision tough one. Almost all of the companies guarantee unlimited bandwidth, disk space, email accounts, 24×7 support, backup services and guaranteed 99.9% uptime.

But there are certain factors which all business owners must consider when selecting a web hosting and make a well-versed decision.

This article will help you in understanding the important factors necessary to be considered when choosing a web host for websites.

Factor No. 1: Fast Servers

One of the most imperative requirements is fast servers. This is because the speed that your web pages load is directly dependent upon the profits. For this reason, you should opt for a web host that has at least a T3 Internet connection.

If the level of your web host’s connectivity affects the speed then you can lose your visitors i.e. your potential customers. They do not like waiting for a page to load primarily because all internet shoppers are very impatient.

Moreover, the speed of your WordPress site affects your SERP rankings. Due to this, you must ensure to choose a web hosting company which has sufficient speed for loading your website and increase SERP rankings.

Factor No. 2: Disk Space and Bandwidth

Usually WordPress websites use 10 – 20 megabytes of space. But it is always better to have some extra space available if you decide to expand it in future. A quality web hosting company offers you extra space when you are short of capacity than you were originally provided with.

Often web hosting companies have unreasonable restrictions on bandwidth. Bandwidth is actually the amount of data your customers can download from your website. When you are offering your customers to download software, e-books and other large files then you must make sure your web hosting company is not restricting on bandwidth.

Choosing the web hosting service providers offering unlimited bandwidth and disk space is essential. There are multiple web hosting services such as Bluehost, DreamHost and others who are good examples of unlimited bandwidth and provide uninterrupted services regardless of the huge traffic.

Factor No. 3: Technical Specifications

Prior to choosing a web hosting service provider, you must know what you actually want to do with your content and website. Some of the professionals just require maintaining blogs to update the page, some of them need to maintain rich content, and it all depends on the technical specifications of the web hosting service provider.

If you a beginner and want a web hosting company to look after a small portion of your site i.e. maintenance of blog posts, then you can go for HostGator, HostMonster or BlueHost. The technical specifications of these web hosting services include shared hosting, VPS hosting, Linux servers, managed WordPress hosting, and 24/7 customer support.

On the contrary, if you are planning to operate it with rich content, make it a digital-online platform, put up blog posts and videos, then you would require an expert web hosting service such as Liquid web hosting or DreamHost. These web hosting companies have unlimited monthly data transfers, windows servers, dedicated hosting, advanced Linux servers, managed WordPress hosting plans and 24/5 customer support. You should always look at the specifications which are being offered by the web hosting service providers. Also, compare packages they offer. You can always contact them to learn about additional domains, support systems, backups, pricing by telling them about your needs and requirements for your website.

Factor No. 4: SSH or SFTP

Among all the other requirements, one of the essential requirements is to use an FTP and SSH. A web host that lets you use an FTP is the one which permits you to transfer files from your personal computers to web servers. You must make sure that public FTP access is provided to you by your desired web hosting service.

The SSH (Secure Shell) gives you access to encrypted connection between your local computer and your hosting server. It can be used to upload, move files and execute commands on server through secured connection.

Factor No. 5: Power and Daily Back-up Services

Expert web hosting service providers ensure to use a backup power system and are able to perform daily off-site backups for your server. With this facility, you will not lose your data even in case of server hardware malfunction. All your data backed up, and safe.

However, some of the web hosting services does not offer server or database backups systems. In such a case, you need to make additional payment for services that will create backups for your website, on weekly or monthly basis. It is recommended to choose a web hosting that provides all services, hosting, backup and restore, email accounts and management, SSL certificates and more.

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