Using Trello For Content Calendar

By June 15, 2016WordPress SEO
Using Trello For Content Calendar

Have you heard of Trello? If not, and if you’ve had trouble getting organized and staying on task, especially when it comes to your blog, then you might want to consider learning more. It has the potential to become a fantastic tool that can help to make blogging much easier for you. First though, let’s learn a bit about what Trello is and how you can use it.

What Is Trello?

Trello is a tool that you can use for managing your tasks and keeping organized. It is available as a web app, and it is available for mobile devices, so you can keep organized and on top of things even when you aren’t sitting in front of the computer.
You might be wondering how much a tool like this costs. That’s one of the other nice things about Trello. It’s free, so you can get started with it today without worrying about spending on a brand new tool.
Trello makes use of things called Boards. You can create a board for a specific project or a topic. You can put as much information on the board as you need. It could be sparse information or highly detailed. It might include pictures or links, or just text. You can have an entire team working on the Boards and the projects at once if you choose, and by having everything up on the board in front of you, you will see just how much easier it so “see” what you and others are doing.
One of the nice features that can be helpful for bloggers who are working on a deadline and who have to post certain blogs on certain days in the future, is you can use the calendar. You can simply turn it on, or keep it off if you don’t need it. You can see that this tool can be very beneficial for bloggers. To enhance your WordPress SEO efforts you need to maintain frequency of publishing so that your site is always being visited by Google. The search engine bots are always looking for new content and when you can give it to them they will mark you on their list as a fresh website worth visiting.

Using Trello For Content Calendar Of Your Blogs

Whether you have a single blog or you are managing multiple blogs, you have to manage them properly. You need to make sure you have quality content being posted to the blog frequently. Now, consider how Trello might be able to help you. You can create multiple boards so you know where you are with the full content calendar of articles. One of the boards can be your overarching project goals and the number of blogs that you post, the titles of the blogs, and the dates you need to post the blogs.
Then, you can set up individual Boards for each of those blogs and use it to gather the information you need. Whether you are working with just one blog, or you have a team of writers creating content, you will find that it is much easier to manage things with the simple to use and understand system.
You can create checklists for the items that you put on the board as well, and then check off the different parts of the project or blog as you go. Everything will update in real time, which is helpful if you have a number of people who are working on blogs for you. Everyone will always be on the same page, which is a huge benefit.

Get Started With Trello

Is Trello going to be the app that saves your sanity when it comes to managing your blogs and getting your content up on time? It might be, or you might try it and find that you don’t like to use it. After all, you are only going to get out of it what you put into it. Try it for a while by scheduling your content calendar ahead of time, to see how well it works for you. It might be the missing piece that will help you to boost your blogging.
If you use an alternative application to plan your blog content then feel free to let us know in the comments what it is and how that works for you. As always if you need a wordpress support team for your own blogging project then Stylemix is the first choice – from themes, to customization, to ongoing support – we will help you along with your own bloggers journey.