How To Optimize For The Search Engines

By April 20, 2016WordPress SEO
how to optimize for the search engines

In order to be successful in your business you need to make the most of your offline and your online presence. You need to be ranking high on all the search engines, Google, Bing,Yahoo and Yandex if that is suitable for your market. Google offers the biggest number of searches (nearly 2/3 of the market) looking for what you have to offer, so the main focus of this article will be some search engine optimization best practices that are compliant with them. The methods to use do vary for how to optimize for the search engines, as they all have slightly different algorithms.

It’s A Clever Robot

In order to be the biggest search engine of choice, Google’s job is to serve the searcher what they are looking for as quickly and as accurately as possible. There are many ranking factors – some people claim there are at least 200, but the 3 main ones we will cover today are it’s usability and share-ability to the reader, the on-page factors and the off-page factors.

Don’t Forget The Reader!

You shouldn’t just create your content with lots of keywords as that looks spammy, doesn’t read well but most of all wouldn’t give good value to your subscribers. Make sure that you give some useful advice or tips so that your readers will have learnt something new by the end of it. A good rule of thumb is to create between 300 and 800 word articles or blog posts and vary them as everyone likes some variety. Ask yourself “Is it useful to your target reader?” This will make sure that you are producing something relevant and worthwhile. Another good rule is that a newer site in a lower to medium competitive market will start to rank well once it has between 10,000 and 20,000 words of content within it’s pages – so keep on writing!

Content On The Page

Your text on the page needs to include the keywords that you hope to be found for by searchers. There are also variations of these keywords which the Google bot knows are usually found to be similarly relevant to the same search phrases. These are called LSI keywords – (Latent Semantic Indexing) and ideally you need to include some of these too. A good tool to find these is here.

Highlight The Phrase

The main term should ideally appear in the first paragraph somewhere as the bot scans the page and gives most weight to the content that appears nearer to the top of the page or is emphasised in some way. So the H1 title and other headings like H2 are also taken into account so that the bot can score the page against all the others in the index.

Add Rich Media

Infographics, images and video’s or embedded audio all help to build out the substance of a page and make it into a reference for the search phrases it is targeted around.  Adding a keyword phrase into the alt-tag of any images helps as well as optimizing the meta data attributes, which can be done with all .jpg images. Adding a video which has high views and whose title matches the theme of the page is another tip to further enhance the optimization and all these little points add up to the overall seo score to tip the scales in your favour and help you learn how to optimize for the search engines.

Encourage Votes To The Page

When other sites reference your site with a link to it, then that is a vote of confidence. These links can be social links, like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest as well as a mixture of other votes on resources like articles, blog comments, pdf or presentation decks as well as niche directories and press mentions. Some sites have enormous power and authority, usually the biggest and busiest sites on the internet like news sites, google’s own properties like Google+, Blogger or Youtube, or any of the high powered social sites like Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr. If you can get links or votes from such websites then that will help you to improve your search engine optimization more than if the link was on a normal everyday site.
If you have found some of these tips helpful, especially if you are a beginner at wordpress, then please share, tweet and pin anything you find here freely.

  • This is clever. How google will love you depends on how you give valuable content to your readers, and that means your readers must love your content first. I love your tip on “Don’t forget the reader!” :) Yes, They must be the priority to create a valuable content. Having a content that cannot be useful for their problems or concerns is not a big deal for them. :) Thank you for this! :)