Get More Likes And Shares With These 5 Tips

By February 17, 2016Social Media
How to Share on Social Media

Content is everywhere these days – everywhere you look, businesses of all sizes are creating Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest accounts – and rapidly adding content of varying degrees of quality. As a personal user of these social networks, you know that you’re barely seeing information from your best friends scroll by, much less content from businesses that you’re interested in learning more about, and may have followed in the past. Knowing this, how can you use WordPress to support your content and break it out of the clutter and get more likes?

Here are the top 5 ways to make sure your content gets seen – and shared.

1. Create High Quality Content

Yes, every piece of content you put out on social media is absolutely amazing . . . to you. How can you assure that your marketing team is creating content that screams to be shared? One of the key ways to make your information engaging is to make it highly personal. Don’t share press releases written by your PR team – instead, have an intern with an engaging personality create some tongue-in-cheek posts that stay within your corporate or not-so-corporate voice and truly have fun with it. WordPress can help you find which of your posts have garnered the most engagement, so you can see topics to look at for the future. Make your posts informative, offer tidbits that people may have missed from the news and that will allow them to look like an expert or an informed reader by sharing. Rule #1: It’s not about you. It’s about what your readers want to read, not about what you want them to hear. Just be sure you couch your “need to know” information inside or alongside something a tad more palatable – like hiding veggies in spaghetti sauce for your kids.

2. Be Consistent

This used to be a big problem with bloggers, they would start strong and then once you find someone that you really engage with and love to read, they would disappear for months at a time because, well . . . life. It’s critical that you stay consistent with your posting schedule. One of the ways you can do this is to use one of the many WordPress services that are available to integrate your social media platforms.

3. Post More Often Than You Think You Should

Speaking of posting schedules, throw out everything you think you know about how often you should post. Well, maybe don’t throw it out – just triple it, quadruple it, quintuple it – increase it by a massive amount to the point where you think you will be wearing your audience OUT. Yes, there may be a few opt-outs or unfollows from this strategy, but you will find that the more you post, the more your posts are seen. The more your posts are seen, the more engagement you’ll get from your audience. The more engagement you get from your audience, the more the (quite brilliant, actually) algorithms on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram consider your content as “important” – and they start showing it to more than the 3% of your audience who would normally see it. Posting more than once a day is absolutely critical, at least 3-5 times per day is best for most platforms.

4. Work Your Network

Don’t be afraid to get in there and talk to your digital neighbors! Engaging with your customers online can be one of the most rewarding things you can do – simply by responding to comments, you give your readers the feeling that they are a part of the business, making them that much more likely to engage in the future and to buy from your brand.

5. Don’t Be Afraid of Evergreen Content

You may be thinking “Where will I get all this content?” – which is a very valid question. Just take a look at some of the largest news sites on Twitter, Facebook and other social networks and see how often they’re posting the same articles or comments in a slightly different voice. You are likely to find that major news agencies or organizations with millions of followers are either highly engaged (super time-consuming to talk to all those people!) or they’re posting content often enough that it’s likely to catch your eye. Don’t be scared of pulling out that article from last year, brushing it off, and sending it out again. Chances are, no one will remember it and it is likely to find new life.

Two bonus tips: Check often for a WordPress update as this can keep your social media add-ins fully functional and add visual interest. Pictures truly are worth 1,000 words – or 1,000 shares. Success on social media doesn’t require high-level strategy or hundreds of man-hours per week. What it does require is high-quality content, consistency, and frequency.