Essential WP Security Plugins

WP Security

As the top choice for the world’s millions of bloggers, Word Press is a platform that also has relatively up to date and effective security on its own. Sadly, that is never enough to keep any blog or site entirely secure and free of harm or hazard. Spammers and hackers are always on the prowl for vulnerabilities, and they find them. Most often a hacker can get into your website through either a WordPress Core update that hasn’t been done, or because they have found an exploit in a plugin. An example was the Slider Revolution plugin vulnerability which allowed hackers into over 100,000 websites worldwide. So using the latest version of WP is imperative and effective where safety is concerned. As well as this basic point, you might find it useful to consider one of the following four wp security plugins for your website that can help save the day.

WP Security Audit Log

If you could identify suspicious activity before it can become an actual problem, you would quite obviously enable yourself to nip issues in the bud. This is precisely what those using the WP Security Audit Log plugin can do. It tracks everything on a blog or website using the Word Press platform.

When suspicious activities occur, it issues a security alert and notifies you immediately. The range of activities deemed suspicious include everything new users created by another, pre-existing user or changes to passwords or profiles. But it also alerts to failed login attempts or other activities common to a hacking attack.

It is so effective that it rates as one of the top plugins in use for WordPress sites and blogs.

Security Ninja

Noted as a premium plugin, Security Ninja (and its additional options) has been in use by bloggers for many years. It packs a lot of tests and features into a single app and enables a blogger to test their entire site for all known security risks and vulnerabilities. However, it doesn’t just look for weaknesses, it can actually be used to combat active attacks and eliminates the threat of exploit attacks and other issues caused by those with skill at coding.

AntiVirus for WordPress

While hackers are always going to be a threat thanks to their impressive ability to identify weaknesses in systems and codes, most WordPress sites can also be put at risk through worms, viruses, and malware too. The installation of WP can be harmed by viruses or Spam injections too, and so AntiVirus for WordPress exists to assess and monitor for such harmful elements. It is also designed to look for any ways you might be open to such attacks and can block the content, including links that might feature malicious code or outcomes. A great feature of this particular software is its ability to email you a full report of all attempts at invasion, the details of the blocking done and the IP addresses that have been white-listed.

All In One WP Security & Firewall

WordPress itself recommends the All In One WP Security & Firewall, describing it as a comprehensive and user-friendly way of enjoying firewall and security on your site. It provides a long list of protection that includes user login, user account, system file, firewall, blacklist, database security, regular updates and more. This could prove your single answer or be rolled into other security plugins.

There are many other options, such as the Acunetix WP Security that scans for vulnerabilities or BulletProof Security Pro and others. Each has its various pros and cons, but all of those listed will enable you to enjoy more security when you have created a blog or site.

Everyone realises the importance of website security when they hear of websites being taken over by hackers to leak information, steal financial details or just to maliciously vandalise the target site.

If you don’t set up the right protection for your website it could only be a matter of time before a hacker, spammer or other code writer tries to access it. This can be devastating for a business and very bad for it’s reputation. If you want the benefits of not having to do the wp security tasks yourself manually, or are not sure of the right mix of plugins, then you can order a subscription from us, so that if something did go wrong, then you will not be faced with all the headaches and hassle yourself – it would all be securely protected by the Stylemix WP support team.