Be More Productive on Social Media

By March 2, 2016Social Media
increase productivity on social media

Keep social media productivity high with these 7 top tips

Social media and productivity are not two words that you generally hear in the same sentence together, and for good reason. However, there are ways that you can optimize your productivity on social media without making drastic changes to your current schedule. While posting more often is important, if you’re posting at the right times for your audience, you have a much better shot of making it through the clutter to get to your best customers.

Choose the Right Channels

Not every social media channel is right for every business. Consider where you will find your target audience, and that’s where you need to be posting. While larger organizations are able to have a full team and it may make sense to blanket the social world with content, you want to focus on where you can get the biggest bang for your (much smaller) buck. Check the engagement you’re getting on each social network you target and keep in mind that some of the newer platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, Vine and SnapChat have a huge and rapidly growing audience, and likely include a great number of Millennials.

Time Your Posts

Knowing when your core audience is online is critical, and this is information that you can get from WordPress services and social add-ins. There are plenty of free and paid options that will allow you to see when your core market is online, and then time your posting to correspond to their key engagement times. Maybe they are online only from 8am – 10am Monday – Friday, in which case putting out content on a Saturday morning is likely to be wasted on them and fall flat.

Use a Productivity Tool

Finding just the right platform to maximize your social presence can be daunting. There are a fair number of WordPress optimization options available, add-ins that can help you manage your social presence from right within your content editing tool. These built-in WordPress tools can be an excellent way to share the content that you’re already generating.

Find Your Best Content

This is where Google Analytics or information you get from your WordPress services can be your very best friend – by letting you know which of your social media posts are getting the most engagement and driving the most likes and shares. That’s the type of content that you want to schedule again and again.

Keep WordPress up to Date

Your WordPress support partner will likely ensure that your installation of the popular content management system is up to date, and this is important for several different reasons. Did you know that some WordPress updates will break add-ons? This is where it’s important to have a clean WordPress backup at all times – that way if you ever need to do a WordPress restore you’ll be able to do so with a minimum of fuss and downtime.

Leverage Your Team

You may not realize it, but your entire organization consists of people who can be social media ambassadors for your brand. While you wouldn’t expect them to post or share every single announcement or article that is posted on the corporate persona, asking that they strategically share certain things can help drive engagement in a big way. Think about it: if you have 20 employees, and each one has around 250 Facebook friends – that’s a potential unpaid reach of 5,000 people on Facebook alone!

Know When to Take It Offline

There are times that it makes sense to have conversations on social media, but there are also times that you really should move to email. Knowing this fine line can be difficult, but offering your email address to a customer can give them an added feeling of being a part of your organization in a way that a simple Twitter convo doesn’t provide.

If you let it, social media can be a huge time drain on your day. However, if you use the tools that are available in WordPress and free on the web, you’ll be able to keep your time in check while still getting great engagement rates with your core audience.