7 Great WordPress Blog Themes for New Bloggers

By December 23, 2015General
Proper Lite WordPress Theme

WordPress, due to its flexibility and powerful features, is preferred by a majority of bloggers, since it offers a range of customizations and plugins. Even if you are a beginner and have never ventured into the depths of technology, software and the rest, you will quickly learn how to use WordPress. Once you do, you will be ready to write your first blog post and hopefully conquer the Internet. Choosing the best wordpress theme for a new blog is as crucial as choosing a blogging platform. The theme represents you and what you do; it sends a message to your target audience. How the message is accepted depends on the overall outlook, elements and the cutting-edge features of the theme.Moreover, a well-structured theme helps your website rank good on search engines.

There are a vast amount of free WordPress templates, which allow you to modify basic elements, change the layout, add or remove some features. Choosing the best theme is a huge step forward. Think of it this way: if you have a good topic for your blog, plus a really attractive theme, then you have a bigger chance of becoming memorable. And this can only bring more of the right audience to your site. As you can see, it only works to your advantage.

Finally, if you are a beginner and don’t know where to start, and what to choose, we are here to help you. We have chosen some of the best WordPress themes for a beginner to use.

  1. Syntax

The Syntaxt WordPress Theme
The Syntax theme is designed for writing and reading blog. Its minimalistic design is created with the reader in mind. There are no unnecessary details or colors that could distract you from the text. It has a clean, elegant look. Moreover, it has a navigation menu that can stay hidden so the text could be read without any distractions. Also, this theme has a responsive design which means you can switch between devices without a hitch.

  1. Nouveau Riche

Best WordPress Theme For A New Blog
Similar to the previous theme, Nouveau Riche is clean and simple, as well. There are a few things you can customize such as the header, where you can put any photo, and you can change the color of the theme, too. Other than supporting text posts, this theme also supports photos and videos. Again, the menu is expandable and it can be moved to the side in order for emphasize the content.

  1. Tempo

Tempo WordPress Theme
If you have a photography blog, perhaps this could be your theme. It is perfect for showcasing your photos and art. Tempo has a responsive design so you can use it on smartphones, tablets and laptops. When customizing, you can choose from two, light and dark built-in color schemes. Furthermore, you can pick a style for the header, and the size of the thumbnail tiles.

  1. Proper Lite

Proper Lite WordPress Theme
If you are creative, and you want something slick and modern, then the Proper Lite theme is the one you need look at. It has a full screen video background, as well as a responsive layout. Each post of your blog can have a custom image header, as well as a custom sidebar. Moreover, you can change the font, too.

  1. Cafeteria

Cafeteria WordPress Theme
The Cafeteria theme is for people who are going to create a website to represent their cafeteria or restaurant. If you like colorful things, with a detailed design, then this is the theme for you. It also has a vintage feeling which makes it more special and unique. It comes with a responsive layout and a parallax effect. You can customize the color of the theme, the overall layout and font type. All in all, it is a friendly, inviting theme, perfect for business owners.

  1. Adler

Adler WordPress Theme
In case you want to start a personal blog or maybe a travel blog, then Adler is your theme. It supports images and text, which is essential for a good blog. Depending on your need, you can customize it by changing colors, fonts, backgrounds, and even menus. Moreover, Adler has a responsive design, so your thoughts and travels will be presented in a excellent way in all devices.

  1. Seasonal

Seasonal WordPress Theme
Seasonal is a modern theme with an easy to use layout. It has a fixed sidebar, on the left, which you can customize. You can choose a color for it or an image background. The rest of the screen is scrollable and used for your posts. What is nice about this theme is the use of images in their full size. There are more options for customization, like adjusting the sidebar width, the color scheme, and many other options. It really is an amazing theme.

A good blog starts with the content you want to share and an appropriate look and style. With this list to start from, you have a good overview of some of the best wordpress themes that are suitable for new bloggers, or if you want to go premium you can check out our partner company on themeforest – StyleMix Themes. Choose any theme you find that fits with your blog content, one that meets your needs and fits your preferences. Visit us again for ideas and advice for setting up a wordpress site and getting it customised to suit your business.