4 Essential WordPress Plugins For Beginners


Anyone using WordPress for a blog or website knows that there is a staggering variety of plugins available. From security to editorial tools, plugins can be handy and helpful.  However, are there some “must have” WordPress plugins for beginners, that a new blogger as well as a business site should consider?

Actually, there are quite a few of those that fit the bill, and below we explain the four that any site will benefit from installing:

WordPress SEO

Do you know about SEO? It means “search engine optimization” and it is the result of a complex blend of factors that can put your website or blog at the top of the results pages in any search engine. Essentially, it is how your intended audience finds you, and uses things like keywords to get your site noticed.

Naturally, beginning bloggers as well as businesses want their pages to be found and read, and it is a lot “easier said than done”. That is why the WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast is frequently cited among the must have plugins. Not only does it help you with the challenges of SEO, but it is actually a tool that is used to optimize the entire site or blog.

It adds titles and descriptions to articles (a lesser known way of achieving great search engine results), but it also helps with everything from page analysis to the creation of a “sitemap” that ensures you gain maximum results from every bit of your content.


Millions of people have learned the importance of backing up their WordPress install. Whether it is to their hard drive or keeping all of their online content in the cloud, keeping separate copies makes life much easier in the event of any sort of problem, technical glitch or hack.

The BackupBuddy plugin is described as one of the simplest and easiest to use for anyone with a WordPress site or blog. It automatically backups all of your information and if you need to migrate to another site or you suffer some sort of disaster, the content is kept safe with this simple and efficient plugin.

Edit Flow

With the release of the Coleman update in WordPress 4.5, your workflow is sure to become smoother and much more streamlined. That, however, does not mean that your work flow is going to be as efficient as possible in all ways. After all, you still need to maintain your actual work, your editorial work, writing or managing submissions to the blog or site, making comments on content and so much more.

Additionally, if you wish to have a blog or site that rates highly in search engine results pages, you must update content in a consistent manner. This plugin is put to use by editors and owners to ensure that they are as efficient as possible. Operating within the WordPress dashboard, this plugin features a calendar, customized statuses, metadata information and much more.

Floating Social Bar

You will see a measurable increase in social shares, which is a huge part of any blog or website’s marketing plans, when you offer a share bar that is relevant and user-friendly.

The Floating Social Bar is a WordPress plugin designed to eliminate all of the unwanted script, unknown or lesser known icons, and focus on the handful of commonly used sites to get the most out of social media efforts. Described as the best social media plugin, it maximizes visibility without slowing down or crowding the site.

There are scores of other wordpress plugins for beginners, that can help you reach your goals, but we find the four listed here are amongst the most popular ones currently available.  If you want some specific advice on the right plugins to use in your wordpress install, to meet your business goals, then ask us in the chat window and we will do our best to help you.