3 Advantages of WordPress Hosting

By June 1, 2016Hosting
Wordpress Hosting

WordPress is easily one of the most well-known and popular platforms for hosting websites today, and there are plenty of good reasons for this. When you compare hosts that host regular html websites, there are some distinct advantages that WordPress hosting can offer. Let’s examine three of the biggest advantages you will find to using WordPress hosting.

Large Databases

If you have a growing company, if you sell online and your catalog keeps getting larger, or if you have multiple people creating a substantial amount of content, then you need to have a large database. You can get this with WordPress managed hosting, and it can scale up as needed. Even if you are just starting out, working with WordPress could be a good idea for just this reason.
As you grow, and when you eventually need to have more space, you can increase the scale of your database, as well as your RAM for that matter. We recommend 10GB of ram to start with if you are using wp. Picking a host that can grow along with you is perfect for businesses of any size.

Fast Speed

What do you do when you go to a website that takes a long time to load? If you are like most people, your patience grows thin after just a few seconds of waiting, and you probably head to another site. That’s exactly what your visitors are going to do if you have a slow website. Fortunately, WordPress hosting is very fast. The way the servers are configured means that they are able to load very quickly, and you don’t have to do anything other than create and maintain a high quality optimized site.
You want your visitors to have the best experience possible when they visit your site, and a slow loading site is going to detract from that. You need a host that can match your customers’ needs. If your site loads slowly, just imagine how many readers, and potential sales, you will be losing.


The third advantage of WordPress hosting is the security that they can offer. They have been around for a long time, and they know quite well how dangerous the Internet can be. That means they are ready for any potential threats that are out there. They work hard to make sure their servers are up and running, and that they are constantly scanned for malware, viruses, and other suspicious behavior that could be dangerous to your site and your readers.
This means that your site should have virtually no downtime or issues with hackers and malware. Of course, even the best security in the world can falter. However, when you have WordPress hosting on your side, you have some of the best defenses protecting you.

Just the Beginning

These are just three of the benefits of using WordPress hosting.  There are plenty of other reasons to make this a specifically tailored choice. For example, companies that offer WordPress hosting can provide high-quality support for you and your site around the clock. This ensures that if there was ever an issue with your site, you could get the information you need right away so things get back to normal as soon as possible. If you want a free migration to our recommended wp hosting solution, then just sign up for one of our annual plans and we will make it happen without any costs or hassle.